The Future Leaders Challenge (FLC) is an innovative business case competition designed to give high school students with a passion for business the opportunity to face the risk, challenges, and rewards of managing their own companies.

As the high school level counterpart of the University of Toronto’s LIVE Competition, FLC is focused on developing both he personal and professional skills like no other competition. We organization one of the largest multidisciplinary case competition with over 100 of the top delegates across the nation.

LIVE Competition is a two-day National Multidisciplinary Competition hosted by the University of Toronto.

Our innovative curriculum challenges 160 delegates competing in teams of four in an interactive simulated business economy that replicates real life wins and losses of the business world. The competition also includes networking and social events, as well as guest speakers and an awards gala.

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LIVE believes in being a platform to showcase elite talent amongst partners and delegates.

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Provide students with an opportunity to build teams and use innovation to improve business processes that ultimately benefit the community.