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Campus Brand Managers

Campus Brand Managers

Represent LIVE at Your School

Campus Brand Managers (CBM), are charismatic, innovative, and proactive individuals who represent LIVE Competition at their respective university. You will be working alongside other CBMs that are a part of the LIVE Program. You will also be receiving constant support from the LIVE team and will be working collaboratively together to bring forward a successful LIVE Competition 2020. Our External Relations Manager will be your main point of contact throughout your term as a CBM.

Applications are now Closed

However, feel free to scroll down for more information if you are interested in applying next year!

What will you be doing?

  • Promote LIVE and recruiting individuals with a passion in business
  • Act as a liaison between LIVE executives and your campus to expand the LIVE brand
  • Establish the promotional strategy and marketing approaches by identifying opportunities to grow the brand
  • Utilize social media and work with campus faculty to bring awareness to competition marketing materials

The Perks

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Development Development

Expand your potential with LIVE! Throughout the course of LIVE, you will master skills such as interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills- all crucial skills for the job market.

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Experience Experience

Take this opportunity to learn everything that goes into creating a business competition. LIVE wants to provide the best resources for you to stand out from the crowd.

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Network Network

Expand your professional network! Build relationships with university facilities, the LIVE team and other student leaders just like you.

Words From a Past CBM


Audrey Collette

CBM of the Year 2019

Brock University

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“ In my role as a Campus Brand Manager, I gained a lot of experience in many business facets that helped me excel both at LIVE Competition and in my studies and co-op terms. Working to recruit quality students from my school required marketing skills in sales and advertising, human resources skills in organizing and preparing delegates, and many more. I am grateful to the LIVE team for their support and coaching throughout the process. In addition to building my professional skillset, I developed a great network of future and current field-leading peers. “