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What is FLC?

  • Imagine being a part of a senior management team of a developing business that is currently taking the corporate world by storm. As top management, you have full autonomy in making decisions regarding profits and market share, and will compete head to head with lead competitors of the industry. Now imagine, you are given the opportunity to do all of that in the next few weeks…

  • The Future Leaders Challenge (FLC) is an innovative business case competition designed to give high school students with a passion for business the opportunity to face the risk, challenges, and rewards of managing their own companies. As the high school level counterpart of the University of Toronto’s LIVE Competition, FLC is focused on developing both the personal and professional skills like no other competition.

  • Register by May 9th, 2017 to secure your spot at FLC 2017.

5Ws to take the W

  • WHO

    FLC is open to students in grade 11 or 12 in high schools all across Canada. Delegates compete in teams of 4 to take on the role of a senior management team.

  • WHAT

    As one of Canada’s largest multidisciplinary case competitions, FLC gives you the opportunity to explore various fields of business such as accounting, finance, human resources, and marketing, which is not only a great way to demonstrate your strengths, but the ability to simultaneously learn about the countless opportunities in the world of business.


    University of Toronto Scarborough – Instructional Centre

  • WHEN

    Saturday May 13, 2017 from 9:00am to 5:30pm

  • WHY

    • Apply your academic knowledge to a real life business simulation
    • Compete for a chance to win $300 and a mentorship opportunity with senior students at UTSC
    • Listen to upper year students share their tips and tricks for a smooth transition into university
    • Add it to your resume!



Will we be put into groups of 4 if we sign up ourselves?

Unfortunately, you must sign up with 3 other students from your high school in order to form a team representing your school.

Do all registrants need to be applicants of UTSC?

Registrants for FLC do not have to be applicants of UTSC, the only requirement is that they are a secondary school student!

Approximately how many students will be competing in total for FLC?

A total of 120 secondary students will be competing in this year's competition.

Who are the senior students that we will be able to meet?

Throughout the event, you will be able to meet university students from first year to fourth year - spanning across all streams of business. These senior students have held several positions on Clubs and Student Associations, have had real work experience, and a passion for mentorship.

Will I need to have a strong business background in order to compete?

No, you do not need a strong business background to compete. FLC tests more than just technical skills, but also a competition that requires a range of soft skills - such as communication, teamwork, etc. There’s something for everyone. Attending LIVE FLC is a great way to gauge your interest for business and to test your basic business knowledge as well.

Fun fact: The first place team from FLC in 2014 was made up of 1 business student and 3 engineering/science students.

What does the $25/person include?

The $25 we ask per team member covers lunch for the day, swag bag as well as other goodies!

What makes LIVE different from DECA?

LIVE is the only undergraduate competition that focuses on multidisciplinary rounds, something that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else! You will be able to experience firsthand what LIVE Competition is like through the rounds at FLC. From solving numerical problems to presentations, FLC has a wide range of offerings that will test a multitude of skills.

Can grade 10 students compete?

The material involved in FLC will be based on grade 11 and 12 material, so it is up to the student's’ discretion on whether they ultimately would like to compete. If they are confident in their business knowledge, then they are more than welcome to register.


What is the maximum number of teams one school can send to FLC?

The maximum number of teams per school is currently set at 3. However, if a school wishes to enter more than 3 teams, they can submit teams onto a wait-list by emailing contact@live-competition.org

Who will be marking and grading the competition?

Professors from the University of Toronto will be marking the rounds of the competition.


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